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Posted by in Self-care on Mar 2, 2009

I recently shared my fitness saga over at Shoestring Magazine, and given that my current attempts at self-care involve on demand fitness, when Kristen Chase posed the challenge of shredding for a month with Jillian Michaels on demand, of course I was intrigued. And terrified. And amused. Could I commit to doing something for 30 days straight?

Or more to the point, could I commit to doing something for myself for 30 days straight? I do plenty of other crap every single day without question. (Well, maybe I do question it, but I ultimately suck it up and do it.)

Inspired by Kristen’s nudge, and the ponying up of other Twitter friends, I shredded this morning (Day 1). I selected Jillian’s Level 2 because: 1) I tend to be an idiot and attempt to go from beginning to expert in 10 minutes; and 2) the Level 1 programming ends mid-month, whereas the Level 2 programming ends in late March.

I’m all about efficiency and this program was completely effective in kicking my ass in a mere 20 minutes. I’ve been doing some yoga on demand but basically no cardio and definitely no weights (other than hauling groceries and my child). My weak little arms are killing me and I can feel the soreness spreading through my back from my attempts at push ups and other things.

I’m still a tad concerned about my ability to keep this up for 30 days (especially given funeral and associated preparations this weekend), but I’m going to try. There’s something to be said for suffering in solidarity and in what other world could the motivation come from a bunch of tweets?

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  1. Mar 2, 2009

    Can I join? In odd twist of fate, I too did Jillian Michaels’ workout today on On Demand (coupled with the one from Bridget of Girls Next Door / Playboy Mansion fame…), motivated both by your article for Shoestring and being snowed in. Let me know what the rules are for participating and Tweeting about it / hash tags. I’m all in! ;)


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