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Oh My Word, What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

If you look into the sports archive on this site you might notice that all of the posts are about figure skating, save one post about the adorable Shawn Johnson. And if you look into the self-care archive, you'll notice that most of the content is about the Shredheads Challenge. And now those two things are coming together. Oh my word.

As someone who always thought they couldn't run, it was a huge milestone for me to finish my first race last week - a Thanksgiving 4-miler. And while I'm going to continue my running and yoga (a very, very crazy relay race is on tap for the spring) I have decided to try something new this month; a little impromptu Shredheads challenge.

I just signed up for adult figure skating lessons. Literally, just gave them my credit card information about 10 minutes ago.

And the age range is listed as 4.5 and up. What have I gotten myself into?

I have no aspirations to compete (keep me to this statement will you?) but I just want to try to learn. I can basically stay upright but I don't feel particularly confident on the ice. And while I love watching figure skating, I've always ruled out learning formally as frivolous (it is a tad expensive, at $22 a class) and impossible (given my bunions). But I'm so over saying impossible to anything; I need to at least try. I should own the words when I tell Laurel that it's fun and good to try new things.

So this Sunday I'll hit the ice with the preschoolers. Wish me luck.