Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Rock Star Roll - 23 Weeks

I'm totally biased obviously, but Roll is a rock star. She has -- like Laurel -- grown in harmony with me, allowing me to enjoy a super smooth pregnancy free of morning sickness, food aversions, or pesky skin conditions. She's been totally cool with me incorporating run intervals into my power walks (a blissful experiment last week after deciding I was done with regular runs a few weeks ago). She basically has been on board with me cranking away with life at full speed (sometimes even warp speed). Thanks, baby!

That said, in some ways it's a little hard to imagine that I'm going to get bigger (even though I know quantitatively that Roll is only between a pound or a pound and a half by now) because Jon, Laurel, and I are all a little stunned by my new shape and how huge my belly already seems (it's time for A-frame hugs). It's huge in an awesome way, but still. It's taking all of my willpower to not break out the belly cast kit right. this. minute.

Here's the 23 week shot, and I'm making the face Laurel always makes when I ask her if I can take a picture of her. Roll looks rather pointy, no? And I like how there's an opposing shadow in the bottom right corner. Totally accidental but I think it looks cool.