Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Gratitude: Winter Break

[Installment 9 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

…the blizzard that rendered enough snow to make a sledding hill for Laurel in our tiny (and usually totally flat) front yard.

…freezers. I almost wish we had a second one.

…my in-laws…I’m fully aware that lots of people don’t get along with theirs and I'm subsequently even more grateful for mine.

…candied nuts…particularly pecans and cashews.

…not having to pack lunches during school vacation.

…our cozy and happy home.


…Laurel’s friends and the lovely moms of her friends.

…date night with Jon.

…Arrested Development.

…the times when I cook without recipes and craft without patterns.

...that Jon is the kind of husband who brings up a tray with a hot beverage plus cookie sampler while I'm in my studio.

…Laurel’s handwritten notes and her love of gift wrapping.

What were you grateful for this week?