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Explore 2019: Sick Day Zen

First sick kid day of 2019. Poor Violet was up in the middle of the night and measured out a 101.2 fever this morning. This of course is happening on the day I'm launching a big new project (more on that soon) and a day where various client demands have started my to-do list at 62 items.

But I'm going to explore (my 2019 word!) a new approach to this curve ball. Deep breaths around gratitude for the fact that my kids actually don't get sick that often, that I technically have the flexibility to manage this situation and give her the love and care that she needs, and that everything always seems to work out OK. Imagining the ocean (I took this shot in Maine over the holidays) always helps me get many things in life are bigger than us. We've just got to figure out how to roll with it.