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Explore 2019: Art Supplies

How is your day going, guys? Man, it has been INTENSE today. Hit the pool early this morning then worked straight and very intensely for 7 hours (big launch for a client today), then picked up Vi to take her to an appointment, then a bunch of errands. Landed home and then learned that Laurel needed a tri-fold posterboard thingie for school. Still need to do some work too. Goodness. Deep breath.

When I was out at the art store getting the posterboard, even though it made zero sense time-wise, I decided to give myself the gift of a little time to explore (my 2019 word) art supplies. There are so many mediums I have never tried. The last time I took an art class (oil painting) was 14 years ago before Laurel was born.

Even just being around art supplies is like a little dose of therapy...the pretty colors, the ranges of brushes, the beautiful papers. Next time you're running around getting stuff for your kids, take 5 minutes to find inspiration in supplies. I feel like it gave me the little boost I needed to get to the finish line today.