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Since leaving academia, Christine has created a career centered around conversation. She is:

A WRITER who has penned everything from newspaper columns to a dissertation to copious characters in the online space via her parenting blog Boston Mamas and personal blog Pop Discourse. Her writing has appeared on, Stonyfield, and Shoestring Magazine, and she has guest blogged at countless other sites. Christine is currently working on her first book and would love to freelance for national magazines (feel free to drop her an e-mail on that — she always meets her deadlines!).

AN EDITOR who used to sleep with copies of Strunk & White and the Chicago Manual of Style on her nightstand. She has an astute editor’s eye and the detail-oriented management skills to coordinate editorial processes efficiently. Christine serves as the managing editor for the academic journal Music Perception, coordinating editing and publication of the journal via a team based in Boston, Canada, India, and California.

THE DESIGNER behind the graphic design firm Posh Peacock, where she offers a paper goods e-store as well as print and digital custom design services for personal and business needs.

A STRATEGIC CONSULTANT who used to consult independently with small businesses, and now works as part of an amazing team at Women Online — a digital strategy group with a particular passion for cause based initiatives.

A CONVERSATIONALIST. Whether at a lectern, on a panel, or in front of a camera, Christine loves conversing and engaging. She is available for speaking engagements, to teach workshops, and — if the fit is right — to shoot video engaging your brand. Her dad always thought she should either become a diplomat or a talk show host. (There’s still time for either.)

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