Because It's Still Cool To Blog

The Therapy Is Working

Compared to how I started Boston Mamas (laboring over the design endlessly, creating at least 50 new pieces of editorial content before telling anyone about it, etc.), the launch of this blog was lightning quick. As in, was struck by the idea Tuesday of this week, ran the domain name by the incredibly fabulous Jennifer James (of The Mom Bloggers Club and The Mom Salon… another one of these chicks who puts me to shame), set up the domain and hosting, picked a Wordpress template, banged out a fast banner so the site looked vaguely less template-y, and started to add content. The look isn't totally perfect yet, but I decided not to let that stop me.

I’d like to credit my therapist for this fast launch. My perfectionist nature typically bogs me down – sometimes to the point of paralysis - and thanks to my continued hours on the couch, I’m working on letting go and embracing imperfection. It’s delicious when it works.