Via her Boston Mamas and Minimalist Parenting work, Christine has been featured in/on the New York Times, Redbook, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, National Public Radio, ABC News, Metro Boston, FOX 25 Boston, and other fine media outlets. She has been named to’s Top 50 Mom Bloggers, Top 50 Twitter Moms, and Top 30 Parenting Listserv lists. Via her design work, Christine has been featured in Cookie, Brides, Pregnancy & Newborn, Daily Candy, and more. Here's a sampling of kind words for Christine's creative work:

I was impressed with Christine’s ability to share her insights with the audience in such a natural and conversational manner. She was really able to connect with the group, particularly during the question and answer session, and I was fascinated with how quickly she related audience questions to concepts in her book. I am also claiming for my own her quote, ‘Done is better than perfect.’
— Edward Doherty, Massachusetts State Director, March of Dimes

Christine Koh presents with ease and plenty of warm laughter. The beauty of Christine’s counsel is that whilst probably the most intelligent person in the room at any given time, her wisdom is real, grounded, and doable.
— Chrysula Winegar,

Christine Koh is an amazing speaker. Thanks to her presentation, I came away with clearer focus, a calmer viewpoint, and a much better idea of what I truly “need” to be doing as opposed to staying busy just for the sake of busy-ness.
— Meagan Francis, The Happiest Mom

Christine’s “do less” life strategy was life-altering for me to hear. As a woman and entrepreneur, the popular method for living life seems to be go, go, go. Christine forces you to slow down, assess your life in a mindful manner and make simple adjustments that will clear your headspace - and your schedule.
— Erin Loechner, Design for Mankind

Last week I listened to [a video recording of] Christine Koh’s Life Development session - “Do Less As A Life Strategy” and it hit me hard…I knew Christine was speaking directly to me... even if it was a recorded session from a few weeks ago…As I continued to listen to Christine’s talk I was more and more drawn in and I was taking notes like crazy...I cried and I loved it. And I am going to listen to her talk again. Probably a few more times actually until it really sinks in through the chaos that has built up in my mind and until I can come up with a plan to move from the clutter that is our lives right now to the simplicity that I KNOW we need. I have deep gratitude to Christine and I don’t even know her. I didn’t get the chance to meet her at BlissDom. I wish I had because she is one very wise woman.
— Tara, Tara’s View of the World

We were amazed at Christine’s intuitive ability to translate vague design directives into exactly what we desired, but could not fully explain. The result is clean and elegant, yet warm and welcoming.
— Janet & Stuart, Greensboro, North Carolina

From our first correspondence, Christine just “got it.” Her design sense was incredible, and she intuited my aesthetic from just a few emailed comments. She made everything easy and her turn-around time was fantastic.
— Elizabeth, Brookline, Massachusetts