Shredhead Lessons Day #2

I probably won’t post every day of the Shredhead 30-day challenge, but I’ll tag in when I have insights or lessons (or, um, gripes) to share: Today was Day #2 of Level 2. I wasn’t sure whether the routine would be different day-to-day and it wasn’t, which was good in that I knew what to expect but made me wonder about burnout on the same routine in another week. Maybe it automatically switches up. Anyhow, otherwise, here are some thoughts:

  • Some on demand fitness programs offer a countdown clock in the corner so you know how much time is left. Now I know Jillian does three circuits in the 20 minutes, but I still want the time clock.
  • Probably because I’ve been doing some on demand yoga, I can actually keep up pretty well with Level 2. My arms are definitely a weak point though. Clearly, 20 years of playing violin wasn’t exactly a muscle builder.
  • I’ll be impressed if I can do plank jumping jacks (advanced, not modified) by the end of this program.
  • My knees aren’t the greatest so some exercises (e.g., squat thrusts) are really uncomfortable. In these instances I swap up with another similar intensity move; the key is to keep moving.
  • The first thing I tend to do when I wake up in the morning is drink a big glass of water; it also feel immensely good to have a big glass of water after finishing the fitness segment.
  • Even what with embarking on this new challenge yesterday, sweets clearly are my Achilles heel. I just don’t think I can go cold turkey. However, even though it’s probably more expensive, Trader Joe’s offers some packaged frozen goodies that are petite yet very satisfying – not to mention far more regulating than if I scooped myself some ice cream. Specifically, I’m referring to their mochi (the chocolate is divine) and these mini ice cream sandwiches, which are essentially an Oreo-type cookie with a little ice cream in between. I found yesterday that one of these treats takes the edge off my sweet craving.
  • I don’t tend to be a late night snacker, but after having my treat yesterday I found it helpful to go brush my teeth immediately to prevent myself from caving and indulging in another one. Hmm… maybe I should use my annoyance with the task of brushing and flossing as part of my plan…