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The DWTS Hits Keep On Coming

As I wrote here and here, I've already been obsessing about the Dancing With The Stars lineup, and now Jewel and Nancy O'Dell (both injured) will be replaced by Holly Madison (of Girls Next Door fame) and the chick who got ditched on The Bachelor. This all intrigues me for several reasons:

1. I've written before that Hugh Hefner totally freaks me out. And after watching a few episodes of Girls Next Door a while back, I started feeling rather sympathetic for Holly Madison. She always tried to be bubbly and perky but I swear, during those episodes where she and Hef were looking over photos of candidates for the anniversary issue, the sadness on her face was palpable.

2. I don't watch The Bachelor but reading my Twitter feed during the finale was freakin' unreal. I almost was tempted to tune in, but was fairly certain I might start throwing things at the TV. And our TV is already sorta broken.

3. So unless DWTS was organized enough to have understudies in the wings (unlikely I think), how the hell are Holly and the other chick going to hang with the folks who have been rehearsing 6+ hours a day for weeks already? I guess the judges will probably give them leeway, but at any rate, it will be interesting to see how this spectacle pans out.

Oh, TV! I've been away from you for a long, long time but I'm ready to come back.