Because It's Still Cool To Blog

The Shredding Continues

I wish I had had the presence of mind (or, um, was it courage?) to post before pictures so I could show my rockin' results, as have some of my fellow shredders. My belly is totally shrinking and while I don't own a scale to check in on, the major marker is how my clothes are fitting. And they are definitely fitting better. Yippee! Unfortunately, for most of the last week of the March challenge I was sick as a dog. But I finished strong and have continued to move forward with Jillian's 60 minute Boost Metabolism (just wrapped it up for today's shred). I'll probably need to swap up soon due to boredom/acclimation/time constraints but this program has been super effective for me.

The challenge is continuing through April with the Team Bob vs. Team Jillian challenge. I'm sticking with the chick since I've been benefiting so well from her program. Our fearless leader for Team Jillian is Daddy Is Tired. Thanks, Daddy Is Tired!