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Countdown to Summer...Yes, I Even Bought a Bikini

I haven’t written a shredhead post since my April wrap up but I’ve still been working away, getting my ass kicked (primarily by Jillian) and loving it. This month, Kristen is rallying the troops to train for a 5K and since I can’t run (really, I’ve tried; I’m just not built for it), I decided to poke around on Exercise TV for some sort of plan or inspiration. I can’t locate the free PDF now (maybe they took it down to force you to buy it?), but at the beginning of the month I was happy to find a Countdown to Summer fitness plan (it’s part of their Lose the Last 5 Pounds programming). The program components are detailed here and essentially the countdown PDF includes a 30-day plan that mixes up cardio, circuit training, and yoga (5-6 days a week).

I took a preliminary look at some of these programs On Demand, but to be honest, I started a couple of programs and the trainers just didn’t have me in the Jillian trance (apparently, it’s hard for me to cheat on Jillian). So what I’m doing is this: essentially following the Countdown to Summer regimen (on a 4-5 times a week pace) but subbing in Jillian programs such that on circuit days I do No More Trouble Zones and on cardio days Boost Metabolism. On yoga days, I do what I’ve found to be my favorite free yoga program so far – Angie Stewart’s Yoga Fitness Fusion. Just in the last 2 weeks, I’ve found myself really looking forward to the yoga and not because it feels like rest. Yoga is such a fantastic way to stretch and breathe deeply, I feel several inches taller after the workout, and I hurt like a mother the next day due to all the strength incorporated in the Yoga Fitness Fusion workout. I highly recommend trying this program.

Because I’m mixing up three ass-kicking workouts I’m not bored yet and still have room for improvement. The other thing I decided to do to commemorate the Countdown to Summer was ORDER A BIKINI. I kid you not. I have not worn a bikini in probably 10 years and I just ordered it this weekend.

Yes, part of me felt more courageous to make that move since I’m feeling trimmer in general, but the bigger issue is that this whole shredding process has helped me just embrace my person for what it is in the now. Despite the exercise and cutting way down on my sugar, I may never be able to get rid of the little pregnancy wrinkles on my belly but now I’m finally getting beyond caring. I’m taking care of myself and that’s what matters. I'm ready to flaunt what I've got, even if it ain't perfect.