Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Oh Yes I Did

Last week I basically threw down the gauntlet publicly to actually don that bikini I bought as part of my personal confidence journey. And while admittedly I did have a moment of pause when I looked at myself in the mirror (I swear to god it elongated me horizontally) I finally said "Hell with it, here we go!" and headed down to the pool. When I later looked at these photos that Jon snapped, I smiled for several reasons. First, how awesomely generous of my dear girlfriend Heidi to welcome us to this vacation estate (seriously, it's an estate) again. Second, this was the one sunny day of the weekend and Laurel had so much fun in the pool/hot tub (seriously, she was in the water for about 5 hours straight). Third, I think I rocked this bikini, even without the big boobs (yay for us A cups!). And fourth, being confident and content with who I am and what I look like can only do well by Laurel.

Nope, my boobs dont fill out this top like the model, but WHATEVER. I still rocked it.

This picture cracks me up. Laurel just adored that little hot tub.

OK, I think this picture may be extra flattering because Im lying down...oh, how I loved floating around on that thing.