BlogHer: Why I’ll Be Heading to NYC in 2010

I love New York. And it's not just the Sex and the City imagery, bargain manicures, and mystery smells lining the busy streets. I'm just a girl who loves city living, and though I'm a Bostonian to the core, I've always wanted a taste of living in the big city next door. At least for a little while.

OK, there, I admitted it. Don't worry, I'd still root for the Red Sox. And now you understand why I was a little disappointed back in the day, when Jon declined Columbia for grad school and we instead moved to a crime-ridden suburb just outside of the nation's capital, where someone tried to sell us crack outside the supermarket. For real.

Anyhow, back to New York City. The reason I bring it up is because it has long been known (6 days) that BlogHer 2010 will be in the Big Apple. And no amount of mommy blogger discontent will keep me from going because aside from the distasteful behavior (for a remarkably accurate musically comedic summary, visit Telling Dad), there was SO MUCH AWESOMENESS about BlogHer 2009. For me, it was all about connecting with people in real life. Just like the conference tagline. And on that front, BlogHer delivered. I have heard folks tweet/comment about not wanting to attend BlogHer 2010 after hearing about this year's shenanigans but I hope you will reconsider once you read this post (also, please read Jory's excellent personal post about all of this).

I plan on following up with some of the awesome pictures I snapped (I'll leave it to two professional snaps here) because I haven't had a chance to download my pictures (the backlog is several months long unfortunately and I'm short on time this week). Meanwhile, here are my shiny, happy moments from BlogHer:

  • I owe my smokin' hot bod to Kristen Chase so it's rather fitting that she was the first person I connected with when I landed at the People's Party. (Also, for those Shredheads tuning in, she's way taller and skinnier than she looks in her update photos. Go, K!)
  • Spending time with Sandy, during which I was privy to her warmth and compassion while we dished about personal matters over potato skins at 10pm (oof). That deep sisterly convo was followed by us getting hit on by a pair of really drunk dudes at the Room 704 party.
  • Having the chance to speak up at the Brands & Bloggers meeting for a reduction in emotional and physical waste: more focused, relevant pitches from brands and more selectivity in editorial coverage from bloggers.
  • See the way Liz stopped whatever she was doing every time she was approached by a blogger (which was frequently), answering questions and offering advice with limitless warmth, grace, and support.
  • Seeing the beautiful way Steph, Amy, and many other parents with babies navigated the conference.
  • Seeing Boston representin’ with the awesomely talented Laura, Susan, Melissa & Meghan, Erin & Kristin, Christina, Tania, Angela (and her utterly adorable mom!), Christy, Jill, Sandy, Sheri & Eli, Jodi, and Lisa in the house.
  • Laughing my ass off then breaking out the Kleenex at the community keynote; in particular, the contributions by Knotty Yarn, Wendi Aarons, Stirrup Queens, and Her Bad Mother.
  • Rocking out to 80s tunes with Christina, Tania, Liz, Danielle, Isabel, unicorns, Neil Patrick Harris in spirit, and hundreds of my new BFFs at the Mamapop party.
  • Visiting my lovely friend Gabrielle for a Yudu demo – I love that the Shutter Sisters suite offered an artistic component to the weekend.
  • Getting to know the lovely and smart Gwen and Kelly during a meeting with the awesome folks from Brand About Town and through the conference.
  • Filming my MomTV segment with Maria then having 10 minutes off camera to catch up and dish with her. I adore Maria.
  • Telling Tim Gunn I thought he was so adorable that I wanted to scoop him up and put him in my pocket…in a non-creepy way. He laughed at that and all the jokes I tossed his way during my 5 minutes with him. I told him I wanted to be as effervescent as he is.
  • Image credit: Tide Bounce Laundry Lounge

  • Having dinner with Erin & Kristin to talk about all things blogging, journalistic standards, and life in general.
  • Walking the BowlHer red carpet with Erin & Kristin then enjoying live music. I honestly don’t think I’ve enjoyed live (grownup) music since I was pregnant with Laurel.
  • With Erin & Kristin of; image credit: eyeficard

  • Having Susan tell me every night that she thought my outfit was hot.
  • Getting my makeup done at the Microsoft Office/ MicroSpa suite. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep sitting up.
  • Experiencing a surprising sense of connection as a woman of color thanks to the women of color and marketing session.
  • Wearing a paper bag over my head at the CheeseburgHer party and hanging with Danielle, Isabel, and many, many others (so many, in fact, that security was called).
  • In addition to those mentioned previously, finally connecting in person with the awesomely talented Heather & Whitney, Whitney, Melanie, Colleen, Katja, Carol, Angie, Victoria, Sarah, and Renee, and seeing my amazing pals Elizabeth, Jennifer, and Audrey.
  • + + + + +

    Kudos to Jory, Elisa, and Lisa for putting together an amazing event! I have more BlogHer thoughts and photos to share in the coming days. It was an amazing weekend and now you know why I'll be heading to NYC in 2010.