Best of 2009 Blog Challenge: Dec 1

I adore Gwen Bell; she's just so replete with positive energy. Gwen has initiated a Best of 2009 Blog Challenge where she's encouraging bloggers to reflect on their year in review. It's so very Gwen. The challenge not only gets people reflecting positively, it encourages sharing and also (via link party) provides a means to discover new blogs. And Gwen even gives daily editorial (or pictorial) prompts. She's so very organized like that.

I'm not sure that I can keep up with daily posting but I'll tag in as much as I can. The December 1 question is "What was your best trip in 2009?" And while it was a toss up between a few family and professional trips, I'd have to say that the Brand About Town advisory board retreat was my best trip of 2009. The trip was remarkable in focus, included vibrant, intelligent company, allowed me to see a breathtaking part of the country I'd never seen before (the part after the Las Vegas airport...the Utah desert), offered space for reflection, and included massage.

And, well, Gwen was there. See how this is all coming full circle?