Brief But Blissful Retreat

We've been struggling with a very emotional Laurel of late, and our departure from her on Saturday was pretty gnarly -- complete with screaming, crying, clutching, and trying to escape from my mother’s car. And while it may seem callous to some, I know Laurel loves my mother and I was pretty confident that she would be perfectly fine after she got out of range. In short, unless Laurel was truly injured and in need, there was nothing stopping me from making Jon and my overnight getaway to celebrate our ten year anniversary a reality. Getting away more is one of the ten intentions I set on our ten year anniversary. Because we need to get away. Because we’re awesome at sinking into vacation mode when we get away. And because we suck at getting away. I think the last time we got away on our own was when Laurel was 13 months old -- and it wasn't just for us, it was for the wedding of dear friends, where Jon was the best man and I had designed all of the paper needs (meaning, we had some responsibilities that weekend).

{Hangs head in shame.}

So off we went. From all of my Boston area spa research, I decided to book at Stonehedge Inn & Spa because I wanted something under an hour from Boston (given that we only had 24 hours) that offered spa services. And while I thought Stonehedge’s spa could stand some improvement (major point = Jon and I agreed that the spa services were good but not mind blowing-ly great; minor point = they really ought to offer the big fluffy robes available in-room at the spa) and the restaurant service was a little pokey, otherwise the staff was wonderful and friendly and the food was yummy.

But what was really special? Our room came with a big screen porch and after enjoying lunch at the inn restaurant, Jon and I ordered lattes and the fresh baked cookie dessert plate, then asked if we could take them to our room. To which the staff said yes, of course we could, and that they would bring it to us. And they did. And I think they doubled the amount of cookies so we both could try one of each. And the cookies were awesome. And it was the best latte I have had in a long time. And Jon and I proceeded to while away the hours on our porch, munching and sipping, playing cribbage, chatting, and reading magazines until the sun started to fade and we decided to bring cocktails back to the porch to relax some more. And then we enjoyed a late dinner, during which we ate slowly and mindfully and talked about food, life, dreams, fears, and everything in between, and just focused on each other in a way that was really, really lovely.

We returned back to the real world a mere 24 hours later, but the brief but blissful retreat had us spinning on a decidedly different axis. Laurel was, in fact, perfectly fine and happy with my mother, and we scooped her up and enjoyed a lovely day as a family.

Damned if I'll wait another five years before booking another getaway. And if you're scratching your head trying to remember the last time you took a little getaway with your partner, I highly encourage you to book time as well.