What's In A Name?

Lately, I've been fretting a bit about the name of this blog. When I started Pop Discourse, the name was perfect, given my original intention of musing about pop culture in my nerdy, academic sort of way. But eventually I found myself writing more on topics centered on my everyday life -- family, self-care, blogging, etc. -- and I've felt very happy and organic and fulfilled doing that. All that writerly goodness aside, I haven't been able to shake the dissonance between the current content of this blog and its namesake. So I wonder, is it time for a name change? Does it matter? It would certainly be easier if it didn't matter, in terms of broken linkage and other technical matters. But even more daunting than the technical issues is figuring out what that new name would be.

I'm a person of words -- I love the process of assembling them artfully and cannot even venture to guess how many words I have written in the past four years since I started blogging and writing professionally. In my work as a creative consultant I love helping clients narrow in on a domain/business name that is reflective of their intentions. But when tasked to think of a name reflective of my spirit and editorial trajectories, I find myself lost. I admire the poetic perfection of names such as Joy Unexpected and Velveteen Mind and Suburban Turmoil, and long for something that's similarly conjuring of imagery, yet ambiguous enough to allow for inclusion of any number of topics.

So I guess I'm left with questions. Have you struggled with changing the name of your blog? Does it matter? If you did change your name, do you love your new name and was it worth the technical nuisance?

And of course I can't help but ask: do you have an idea for a great name (or adjectives) that sound reflective of me (save Koh Beast, which is my awesome new running alias thanks to some of my Eat .Blog. Run. teammates)?

Any brilliance in this domain would be properly credited of course!