Little Roll Rising, 16 Weeks

The dough is officially rising folks. At 15 weeks, the evidence of Roll was debatable; this week, I can definitely see it. Can you? (I shot these photos on a timer, with my camera sitting on a shelf in my pantry. Clever, no?)

I thought it was fitting to take some shots in workout gear this week. I discovered my inner athlete rather late in life and became very committed to fitness in my late 20's. I swam laps all the way up to the day before I delivered Laurel (one day shy of 42 weeks; the lifeguards were terrified whenever they saw me waddling up to the lap lanes), then -- save walking endless laps around the neighborhood with Laurel in a sling -- fell off the fitness wagon for a few years. Thanks to my Shredhead and Eat. Blog. Run. pals, I've been back on the fitness wagon for about a year and a half and now identify as a runner, among other things.

I’m super grateful that as a pregnant person so far I’ve felt totally fine continuing my fitness regimen (FYI, I also got the green light from my midwife). I’m keeping my runs on the short side (~2-3 miles) and upward dog is definitely becoming a little more awkward, but it all still feels awesome.

That said, I know I need to enjoy my current ability to do the below before I hit the hippo zone...

Little known fact: when I’m doing this pose, I sometimes imagine I’m doing it on ice. In costume. Possibly in a routine with Michelle Kwan. [Crap, did I write that out loud?]

And here, I flipped sides, so you can see roll hanging down a bit.

I love this pose. I need to enjoy it while I can still do it.

Thank you universe, for making this pregnancy so happy and healthy.