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The Roll Has Two Faces, 17 Weeks

I always chuckle when my lovely friend Audrey insists on being photographed from one side because I think she looks ridiculously awesome from every angle. But now I get it -- it's definitely possible to have two sides (or faces). Even when you're a baby the size of an apple (or thereabouts...I really should look up where I'm at with that).

When I pose looking towards my left shoulder, I don't look so pregnant:

When I turn the other way, I do:

Either way, I need to relax those shoulders down and stand up a little straighter!

Note: I feel very fortunate that I can still wear my regular clothes; I did a second trimester (or not!) fashion post yesterday over at Boston Mamas, including recommending the fabulously comfortable jeggings I'm wearing above. And oh my word do I love those sexy Dansko boots.