Roll’s Underbelly, 27 Weeks

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still finding most maternity shirts too tent-like. Most of the time I’m fine wearing regular knit shirts, particularly if they are long or if I’m wearing a long tank underneath. However, on Sunday when I was out doing a bajillion errands, something unusual happened. For the first time during this pregnancy, several people commented about my pregnancy or asked if I needed help (particularly at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s). And when I got home, I was pretty sure I knew why. I was wearing a tissue tee (sans long tank underneath) that was riding up so Roll's underbelly, as it were, was hanging out for the world to see. In fact, it was this tissue tee (19 weeks):

Except that now it looks like this, at 27 weeks:

Other than the draft factor, I don't mind exposing my belly, though perhaps I ought to start wearing proper maternity shirts some time soon. Although, if an exposed belly means people will offer to help with my groceries, maybe not!