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Roll, Barely In The Frame + Lipstick Conundrum, 31 Weeks

Man, I had trouble taking this week's photo. I could not for the life of me get an in-focus shot, very possibly because the camera didn't know what to focus on... Face? Giant pumpkin belly barely in the mirror frame? Or hey, maybe that new lipstick? Actually, on the lipstick thing. What do you think of that shade? This past weekend, after surviving a trip to the mall (which I typically avoid like the plague on weekends) to take Laurel to a Build-A-Bear birthday party, I decided to use a gift card to treat myself to some ridiculously expensive lipstick as reward for surviving the mall. (And actually, the lipstick wasn't that expensive if you consider all the drugstore purchased liner/lipstick pairing misfires I have rung up in my attempt to find the right red.)

I hit the Chanel counter looking for a particular universal shade recommended by InStyle. I wanted a deep rich red but the makeup artist scared me with images of goth and, following her recommendations, I ended up with the Carmin (#14) lip liner + Gabrielle (#19) lipstick. What do you think? It's a little brighter (though still red, not pink) than appears in the photo and I'm not 100% sold on it, which kind of sucks (in a very minor way of course) in retrospect, but I could be swayed by: a) public opinion; b) the comfort that I had a professional consultation on the lipstick; and c) the fact that I love that the lip liner has a built in lip brush on the other end (it's the little luxuries people).

Once I have this conundrum resolved, I'll move on to world peace and racial equality. Scout's honor.