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(Basically) Ready for Roll, 39 Weeks

It's hard to believe that we’re one week out -- we're so excited to meet the nuggetron! We're finally winnowing down a short list of baby names and gradually readying the house (I'm thrilled that it's now phenomenally clean), and my mom’s “Don’t drop the baby!” phone calls are increasing in frequency. I love that during this second pregnancy I’ve been so relaxed; shockingly, Jon now finds himself in the position of bugging me about stuff. Such as, you know, packing a bag for the hospital. I swear, I’m planning on getting around to it. But basically, we're ready for Roll. We haven't dotted every organizational "i" or crossed every logistical "t" but she will have love, hopefully plenty of milk, and countless snuggles awaiting her.

And welcome signs such as the one Laurel made and taped to my belly: