Because It's Still Cool To Blog


What a blessing these last few weeks have been. Adding Violet to our family has been so joyful and the transition has been remarkably smooth. Everything just feels so much easier this time around since we're not in total freak out mode. One of the most common questions people ask me these days is how Laurel is adjusting to Violet's arrival. And while I have been awaiting acts of rebellion (it seems only natural given that Laurel has spent her 6 years with Jon and my undivided attention), so far all we've seen is love. Laurel wants to see Violet first thing when she wakes up, and as soon as Laurel comes home from school, she runs to the bathroom to wash her hands so she can squeeze Violet. Laurel has already created an impressive amount of artwork for her little sister, and yesterday, she came home with this letter that she wrote to Violet while at school. It pretty much broke my heart.

I feel so blessed to have two. And to have the girls at an age gap where Laurel is so aware of everything, so involved, and just so utterly awesome.