A Sister's Warning

I just dropped Violet off for a short "test drive" visit at her new day care. Things are so different than when I went through this with Laurel. Violet barely noticed when I kissed her goodbye and departed (kudos to the distracting snack puffs...) and I did not sob when I left the parking lot. Meanwhile, I love the note that Laurel inserted into Violet's paperwork folder. Her words of warning to the day care director:

Dear __________,

Violet likes to be held. If she is playing or sleeping my advice is to not pick or wake her up. She is very picky so be ready. She likes to pull up so keep an eye on her. Make sure you don’t step on her because she crawls a lot. Keep the door closed at all times except when people are coming in and going out. Make sure the gate is closed same as the door. Closed except when people are going in and out. She is always on the move so keep another eye on her. I’m sorry to say this but she is sweet but also troublesome.

Sincerely, Laurel

Even if I were sobbing like a baby, I suspect reading this note would turn my mood around. I crack up every time I read it.