Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Life Lists Work in Mysterious Ways

I know the universe is driving the bus, yet I'm still amazed by how it put some of my life list items front and center in the last month. Here's some crazy awesome stuff that happened:

1. In December I crossed #3 (Take my Mom on some kind of fun adventure/vacation) off my list, inspired by a press invite to St. Thomas. I paid to take my Mom with me -- it was an amazing, amazing trip. I had many teary moments...after a challenging life raising seven kids and running businesses with my Dad, this was the first time I've ever seen her truly unwind and just be.

2. I mentioned at Camp Mighty about wanting to get my ass in gear about one of my two book ideas (#16. Write the book that has been percolating in my mind since Blissdom 2010). I asked my roommate Asha Dornfest if she would write one of them with me. Because she is brilliant and awesome and perfectly suited to be the co-author of this book. Today I submitted our proposal to a publisher who approached me after she heard me speak at Pivot Boston.

3. Last month I was incredibly sad to have to back out of Alt Summit. Not only was I psyched to go (it was my favorite conference last year), but the amazing Gabrielle Blair was helping with one of my life list items (#19. Be the subject of a fashion photo shoot.) via a design camp where I would be the model. I'm still incredibly sad not to be attending this conference, but here's the weird thing: Literally the day after I sold my Alt ticket, my friend Alex Hall of the Improper Bostonian e-mailed me to ask me to be the subject of a style shoot. The shoot happened on December 21 and I am sort of pee in my pants nervous to see how the photos came out. It was absurdly fun and I will share images here pending the photographer's approval.

4. Finally, last month, after a year long series of mishaps, I learned to play a song on my mandolin (actually, mandola) re: #36. Learn to play the mandolin or banjo. I even tossed it up on You Tube. Now I'm learning to rock Beatles tunes.

Amazing. I'm still stunned by all of this awesomeness. And speaking of awesomeness, today I was blown away by learning what a phenomenal artist my friend Alice is. Take a look at her holiday break sketches. I'm now even more inspired to use these pretty sketchbooks Jon gave me for Christmas.

Wishing you all awesomeness in 2012. xoxoxo