Because It's Still Cool To Blog

A Good Friday

One of the things that was very hard for me to get used to when Laurel started public school (after her year-round day care) was the juggling and stress associated with school vacations. And the periodic days off that tended to creep up on me and totally freak me out when I lined up my workflow with less hours.

Normally Friday is a day when I get around 6 solid hours of work time while Violet is at day care and Laurel is at school. However, tomorrow is one of those periodic days where school is closed (due to Good Friday). But instead of the freak out, I decided to approach the day with positive intention -– yes, I need to push some work along, but I figured, why not embrace the fact that this is a rare day with just me and Laurel in the house and rock some fun projects? Yesterday I jotted down these project ideas on one of the chalkboard circles in our kitchen. Laurel noticed it immediately when she came home from school and was jumping up and down with happiness. She loves dyeing eggs, piping with frosting, paper crafting, cuddling and reading, and getting her hands dirty in the garden.

So do I. I have a feeling it’s going to be a really good Friday.