Because It's Still Cool To Blog

I Believe in Barack Obama. Also, Healthy Man Parts.

I must admit that I’ve been a little bit out of it this election season. Consumed by a million work things. Consumed by a million emotional things. And in the moments where info graphics and statistics have (briefly) penetrated my laser focus on said work and emotional things (thank you, Facebook), I’ve grown, well, a little tired.

But the reality is this. The election is really soon. It’s essential that you cast your vote. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain, as it were. I won’t be making kick ass Obama cupcakes this go around (I’m already pegged for nonpartisan baking contributions for Laurel’s school Election Day bake sale), but today I did take a few minutes to inject some much needed levity into my day and want to publicly share my support for two things I care about this month: re-electing Barack Obama and Movember. I believe in Barack Obama. And I believe in the health of man parts around the world. It’s just that simple.

If you share my views, I’ve got something fun for you. An Obama-Movember mask. I designed it and it made me smile. Laurel too. Just print out this PDF on 8.5 x 11 card stock and cut out the circle and white center, then tape a popsicle stick or pencil to it. It turns out that a child’s nose + eyes fits perfectly in the window; my big noggin, not so much.

I’d love to see you sporting your mask! You can leave a comment here to direct me to a link, tweet me direct at @bostonmamas (a bunch of fine bloggers are tweeting and sharing using the hashtag #blogforobama), and/or share with me on Instagram at bostonmamas.

Disclosure: Obviously, I have no idea whether Obama and Movember are friends. I can only imagine so given that the President has man parts. I also realize that I’m using the Obama logo in a way not approved of by the campaign. If reprimanded, I will cite general delirium, massive need for levity, and the fact that I am a long standing Democrat who served as a White House intern during the Clinton administration. Basically, my intentions are all good.