Fresh Start

I've been wanting to consolidate my internet life for some time. It started when my Pop Discourse blog got hit with a virus and the fix didn't really fix things. And I wasn't blogging much anyway. So last fall I decided to close up Pop Discourse and move the blog posts to and decide what to do later.

Last week I decided it was time to consolidate further and start fresh with my landing site. I switched platforms (yay, Squarespace!), redesigned the site, closed down my Posh Peacock semi-custom online store (I do still have a couple of ready to ship products, which I'll integrate at some point), and started to integrate some of the great lifestyle content that I offer at Boston Mamas. 

But most importantly, this process has helped me clarify what it is that I do (and what I love doing!). I hope you'll poke around and learn more.

HOORAY for fresh starts!