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Explore 2019: 5-Minute Meditations

I knew I had a lot coming at me today (I'm launching 3 big projects this week) so I wasn't surprised when I opened my to-do app to see that I have 84 things on my list. Today I actually have a solid work runway (7am - 5:30pm) and only one conference call (#miracle) so I was like, yeah, I can tackle 84 things!

HOWEVER, one of my downfalls is also one of my strengths: the ability to put my head down and power through a to-do list. On a day like today, where I have a lot to do and a largely open day, I tend to just sit and work and then get to the end of the day completely fried. Jon calls it my zombie look.

So today I want to explore (my 2019 word) with intention 5-minute meditations. I'm going to pop two 5-minute appointments in my calendar to break up the day so I'm not just staring at the screen straight through. Do you meditate? Do you do guided meditation or silent? .

Watercolor of our bird Indie by Laurel

Watercolor of our bird Indie by Laurel