Explore 2019: Blue Trails, Intentionally

Before this weekend I have only been on a blue (intermediate) trail once. It was last year and we were skiing with friends and it was early in the season and no green trails were open. I was told the trail was an easy blue but going down I thought, OMG I GOING TO DIE. No joke. It took me forever to get down the mountain and after that I was done. Most expensive run ever.

Since then, I have been like, "No thank you. Green trails are perfectly fine for me." But this weekend at Woodstock Inn’s Suicide Six, I just felt comfortable and happy. While the kids were in lessons Jon and I did a few runs on Easy Mile (a long, super fun green) and it felt so awesome that *with intention* I decided to try a couple of blue trails and OMG WE HAD SO MUCH FUN.

What fun to explore (my 2019 word) pushing self-imposed limits.

Also? It ended up being a great thing that this happened because by the end of Violet's lesson she was ready for blue trails. OMG my 7 year old!