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Explore 2019: K Beauty

Um, did any of you buy yourself a holiday present and give it to someone to gift to you? I totally did that. I was shopping at Papersource for other people and bought these masks, handed them to Jon, and asked him to wrap them (or not) and give them to me for Christmas.

This morning I'm in-person meeting free and working in my jammies so I'm going to explore (my #2019 word) these new masks from Lapcos. (I don't have the patience to lie around so I will toss one on and triage my email!) I love trying beauty stuff and Korean beauty products are no joke, you guys! I am expecting results! Big question is what to start with. My skin is feeling pretty tired -- there's brightening, pore care, nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, hydrating, and firming.

Also, even though my skin feels tired I'm sharing this bare-faced, no-filter selfie. I credit my dear friend Karen for helping me embrace my freckles!