Explore 2019: Korean Remedies

This morning I woke up with the dreaded sore throat. When I called my Mom for our usual Tuesday check in, I mentioned it offhand (honestly, mostly just as something to talk about because we also talked yesterday!) and she was like, "I am coming over and bringing you Korean tea...it will help you get unsick!" I was like, "No, Mom, that is crazy. You're already driving to deliver charcoal packets to someone else." Seriously, #sokorean. We cheerfully argued for another couple of minutes and then I finally said, "OK Mom, I will just accept. Thank you. I will see you soon."

I realized I'm super lucky to be able to receive acts of kindness from my healthy, spry 83-year-old Mom. And she is someone whose love language is acts of service, especially around food. I also figured it wouldn't hurt to explore (my 2019 word!) Korean remedies. She brought both her medicinal tea (which apparently has Korean dates, cinnamon stick, a ton of ginger, and probably some other stuff), plus 미역국 (seaweed soup), which OMG she made me eat so much of when I was nursing.

Thanks, Mom. I'm grateful for your loving care.