Explore 2019: Leveling Up Stress Management

What are your favorite stress management techniques? Or maybe more aptly for today, what do you do when you need to level up your stress management?

As I've mentioned, I'm getting ready to launch a few big projects. There are so many details and so many Google docs and so many e-mails and while they are all awesome things, I've been switching gears and in a flurry pretty much continually. Despite my best efforts I am pretty fried by the time we get to the dinner hour and have been falling asleep on the couch or with a book on my face by, like, 9:30pm.

So in this final stretch I want -- no, I need -- to explore (my 2019 word) leveling up stress management. This morning, despite the -17 real feel I went to the pool and it felt FANTASTIC. But I'm already back and in a flurry so I know I need to up my game and try everything (whether the effects are real, imagined, or simply anticipatory)!

At the moment I'm thinking 5-minute meditations, a quick office tidy (my office is a disaster right this second and that compounds my stress), tea, essential oils, maybe booking a facial for late next week. What else do you do?