Explore 2019: Patience

Are you a patient person? I will admit, this is not really my forte! When I'm learning something, I wish I could go to expert level in, like, a day. When I'm building a new project, I'm always eager to get it out the door. And when I'm sick, I layer on remedy upon remedy and want to be better in 24 hours (OK, maybe less than 24 hours).

This morning I realized I need to explore (my 2019 word) patience. It's now been 9 days since I first got sick. I actually was basically done with the cold by Saturday but the past 4 days I have just been dealing with the annoying residual cough and stuffed up nose that seems to stick around a while.

The reason I was feeling impatient this morning is that I was eager to get back to the pool but I didn't feel right about doing that even though I'm past contagious. I also have been wanting to get some audio recording done this week but I sound all congested so I can't do it until I'm fully cleared up. There are other things too. Basically, imagine me tapping my foot impatiently about all manner of things!

As I was thinking about it though, I realized...I don't get sick often. Perhaps this lingering tail is the universe's way of encouraging me to pause, breathe, and explore patience. To be grateful that I am not flat out on the couch like last week and can still get things done and laugh with my family and bake crazy cakes.

I hear you universe. I will work on patience and appreciate the simple, beautiful gifts...like a lovingly made cup of coffee.