Explore 2019 #230: Saturday gratitude

This past week was tough...Jon and I seemed to be putting out one aggravating fire after the next (seriously, WTH FALL?!) and today seemed like it might continue on that trajectory after opening a letter from Blue Cross that first made me rage and then left me sobbing on our way to the tennis court. (Big ups to Jon for saying, "I WILL HELP YOU.")

Though my healthcare rage is valid, I wonder if my cry down was a much needed pressure valve release after holding everything together for everyone. Because after my cry down, Saturday has been beautiful. I reminded myself that for the first time in weeks I slept this morning until I woke up naturally (bliss?). I played a great game of tennis with Jon. I went grocery shopping by myself (weirdly, I enjoy cruising through the store solo when I'm not pressed for time). I had a delicious salad for lunch comprised of amazing CSA veggies. I watched Violet play soccer with fierce joy. I puttered around the kitchen. And I got to head out with this beautiful human for dinner with dear friends. Thank you for all of these gifts, Saturday. I really, really needed them.