Explore 2019 #235: Jumping rope

What do you do for fitness when the weather gets cold? I'm already lamenting the end of outdoor tennis and thinking about stuff I can do indoors. One of the things I'm going to try is jumping rope!

A while back, the kind folks at Crossrope sent me one of their jump rope sets to try out. I was eager to try the jump rope + workout app but I was having a lot of joint and ball-of-foot pain so it was not a good time to start (I tried...it hurt like hell). But now, goodness, my body is in such a better place--my clean eating/anti-inflammatory focused food thing is having so many positive effects--so I'm gearing up to try jumping rope, which I envision I'll do in the basement during the winter. I was awful at jumping rope as a kid, but I'm also definitely more athletic now as an adult! Let me know if you slay jump roping and have tips!