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Explore 2019: Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you into essential oils or do you cringe/rage when you hear people talk about them? I'd say I'm somewhere in between! I appreciate alternative, non-interventionist practices, but at my core, I'm still a trained scientist. So I go a little (sometimes a lot) nuts when I hear people say that essential oils cure x, y, or z. Especially stuff like, you know, CANCER.

I'm into essential oils in the sense that I figure they can't hurt, and our olfactory system is a real and important thing. I like good smells!

I've been looking around online for a diffuser for the last few weeks and there are a bajillion of them but I quickly realized that most of them were either: 1) too crazy looking, 2) too branded (like, really big branding above the power buttons), or 3) too expensive (the ones that had the minimal design I wanted). I was apparently ruminating loudly about it because my sweet Laurel and Violet were like, "Mom, you should get it. We will chip in to buy it for you!" OMG those kids.

And then when I was at Whole Foods yesterday looking for some treatment stuff for Violet I saw this diffuser and was like, "OMG that's exactly what I want! Simple! Pretty! No branding!" But I still wasn't sure I wanted to pay $50 for a diffuser for my office...which was kind of ironic + classic Mom since I had well over $50 worth of stuff for my kids in my cart. So I passed.

This morning I was thinking, about Laurel and Violet's offer and was like, "Christine, this is RIDICULOUS. You work incredibly hard, just completed two big project launches, and have another on the way tomorrow. You can spend $50 on yourself." So after I dropped Violet off at school, I walked back to Whole Foods and bought myself the diffuser.

It's set up and running in my office and I have to say, my office smells fantastic and that is making me happy.