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Explore 2019: More Public Transit

I grew up riding the T...a lot. As in, I repeatedly rode the bus to Harvard Square then hopped the train and rode from Harvard Square, transferred to Downtown Crossing, then rode all the way to Forest Hills by myself as a third grader (#freerangekid) to get to my parent's store in Jamaica Plain. Laurel and Violet don't ride the T much and I really want to get more public transit in their lives because we are so lucky to have public transit and also, hello, life skill.

This February break it's been so fun to teach the kids about public transit protocol and it turns out that Violet is a grade A stop monitor. Every stop she tells us what stop is next and when to get off!

The other fun thing is that I'm exploring and discovering new things too! Like, I totally did not realize until yesterday that this underpass tunnel from Copley Plaza to the Back Bay stop even existed! So fun!