Explore 2019: Photo Editing

One of the reasons I love Instagram (even though the algorithms drive me nuts) is that I love experimenting with photography. Since befriending and gathering inspiration from photo challenges (I'm looking at you Lucrecer Braxton and LaShawn Wiltz ) and other friends, it's been so fun to experiment with composition.

I never have done much on the editing side though, and when my friend Jill Krause came out with her Picture Play e-book I was SO EXCITED. Jill is so smart and shares such wonderful photography so I knew she would drop lots of brilliance. So I bought her e-book and decided to actively explore (my 2019 word) photo editing.

In a nutshell, go buy her book. SO MUCH BRILLIANCE!

Here is an example of one of the first photos I edited after I bought Jill's book. I probably was a little heavy handed with the vignette but while the before picture is pretty good my phone really couldn't capture the color and drama of that day by the ocean and the editing tips I learned from Jill brought the photo to life.

Also, since I mentioned LaShawn earlier, it so happens that this week's Everyday Eyecandy prompt is NATURE and the ocean is, hands down, my favorite in the nature department. Thank you, ocean.