Explore 2019: Simple Valentines

So you guys know that I love an excuse to bake a cake. I was planning on baking a Valentine's Day cake, mostly because YAY, excuse to bake cake! But this week I got sick + consumed by some work stuff which threw cake plans out the window.

It's funny, I told the kids yesterday that I was sorry -- that I had been planning to make a cake but that life got in the way and they literally said, "Mom, you don't need to bake a cake to show us you love us! Just relax!" From the mouth of babes.

And then this morning they both gave me the sweetest Valentine's Day cards and I realized that this sweet simple act was what I wanted to reciprocate.

I just finished writing Jon and the girls notes + printed each of them a favorite recent picture. I feel happy and content and grateful to live a life with big love.