Explore 2019: Kids Inspiring Bravery

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So kids are all different in how they develop but I will say that there is something to be said for getting them out trying new things early, and also sticking with it if they aren't immediately into it. ❤️


For our first 3 seasons exploring skiing Violet was just not into it. Mostly "skiing" involved popping on the skis and scooting around the base area pretending to be hamsters on skis or whatever. I won't speak for Jon but I found it both boring and exhausting when it was my turn to be on point when it was hamsters-on-skis time, and I would have to repeatedly check my frustration when she resisted going anywhere beyond an elevation of a half foot. 🐹🎿


At ages 5-6 we got Vi into lessons. She tolerated them but still didn't show a ton of interest in skiing. After the lessons, it would still mostly be hamsters on skis.

This season? Completely different story. Probably a combination of being a little older, being internally ready, and having a magical teacher/lesson right at the start of the season, but she got on a lift for the first time in December and has been unstoppable ever since. She loves skiing and can't wait to get on the mountain and doesn't want to get off. And during our visit this weekend to Sugarbush she was the one to say to me, "Mom, I really think you could do that chunk of black diamond...it's not too long and it's really fun!" and, "Mom, try the terrain park! I think you would really like it! Let's do it together!"

Black diamonds and terrain parks are not my jam, you guys. I am perfectly happy whizzing around on less scary trails. But I tried them this weekend and actually had fun and I was really proud of myself afterwards for trying. Thanks for inspiring me to be brave, Violet.