Explore 2019: New Creative Outlets

What types of creative projects light you up? In 2002-2003, I had a several-months gap between finishing my Ph.D. and starting my postdoctoral fellowship. At first I loved the intentional unemployment, but I soon became squirrely and was like, "I gotta do something!"

I ended up applying for a job at The Paper Source, mostly because I loved pretty things, but it ended up being such an extraordinary gift! I loved hanging out with creative people all day and my love for paper craft flourished -- so much so that I launched a design business!

This morning at Boston Mamas I published a post on 18 awesome craft + DIY books (it's National Craft Month!) and it got me thinking that there is such joy in exploring new creative outlets. A while back I tried and fizzled out on lettering, but I'm thinking about trying embroidery, which now can be super cool and edgy (see my friend The Bloggess for inspiration!).

My only concern about embroidery is that it is going to accelerate my need for progressive lenses