Explore 2019: Thursdays With Violet

In my last post I mentioned how Violet suggested that we plan on having a happy and playful day. I had a super busy day today so, short of watching a happy The Ellen Show video at lunchtime (seriously, I always cry over Ellen videos!), I figured I would bring in some happy by surprising Violet with a cafe date this afternoon.

When I picked Vi up after school, she had a written list called "All the bad things that happened" (you can see it in this picture) so I said to her, "That is a major bummer that 8 bad things happened to you today so how about we start working on 8 good things?" And off we went for the most DELIGHTFUL cafe date where we read books and she drew pictures and had a treat. OMG SO DELIGHTFUL.

The crazy thing is, I realized it was Thursday and that in 2013-2014 (I had to look it up!) I tried to combat my workload and mom guilt with something called #thursdayswithLaurel -- where I took every Thursday afternoon off after school and we did something fun and creative together. (If you look at the hashtag on Instagram, there are posts that I totally forgot about, including the unicorn busts we made!).

I don't know if #thursdayswithViolet will be a regular thing but I kind of feel like the universe is telling me that this is a good idea.