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Explore 2019: Embracing My Limits

Before I left for Mom 2.0 Jon said, "Remember, when you travel, it's not just the days you are away. You need to build in the day before for prep and the day after for recovery." He's being practical so I can be realistic about what I can and cannot do after, but my mom brain interprets it in a guilty way.

Despite having this conversation (AGAIN) I was prepared to get home and be 100% on. But when I was at Mom 2.0 I was in high octane mode. I slept maybe 4-5 hours/night. It may have looked like I was dicking around doing fashion photography, but in reality, I also moderated two panels, met at least 50 new people (this was a goal of mine!), masterminded with several people, brainstormed 2 new projects, attended a few sessions, and talked to brands. It was amazing and also really intense.

I left Friday night and storm delays meant I landed in Boston at 2am and the fact that it was 2am meant the demand for cabs/ride share was INSANE. I didn't get home until 3:30am and didn't sleep much before my kids woke up.

I was reading a book to Violet yesterday and soon she said, "Mom, you're mixing all the words up! Are you OK?" It turns out I needed to take 2 naps + sleep for 10 hours in order to fully restore.

Anyway, I'm sharing this to tell you to be kind to yourself and embrace your limits -- these limits will be different depending on the situation, time of day, the needs of your family, etc. -- but they are real and deserve to be felt, guilt-free!

Also, a lot of people asked me about my Boden dress + shoes. There are links to them in my bio if you want to check them out!