Explore 2019: New Photo Challenge

Exploring a new photo challenge this month to inspire vantage points, photo techniques + storytelling! I figured today would be a good time for an intro post! Here are 10 fun facts about me.

1️⃣ I’m the 6th of 7 siblings, though people tell me all the time I seem like a first-born.

2️⃣ My household includes my beloved Jon + Laurel (14) + Violet (8). I'm legit grateful for them every day. They make me feel so seen and loved.

3️⃣ I have a Ph.D. in music + brain neuroscience. I completed a fancy sounding postdoc at MGH/MIT/HMS and then decided to leave academia.

4️⃣ In my Internet unicorn career I’m a self-taught EVERYTHING. I started my blog Boston Mamas in 2006. I co-wrote Minimalist Parenting with Asha Dornfest + we co-host the Edit Your Life Show podcast. I'm creative director at the social media for good agency Women Online. And I'm a self-taught designer and own the advocacy-oriented apparel company Brave New World Designs with my husband (the shirt I’m wearing is BNW!).

5️⃣ Baking is my creative therapy. Scroll through my feed and you’ll see periodic baking porn.

6️⃣ I used to be a semi-professional violinist and wish I could be instantly awesome at guitar.

7️⃣ I was a White House intern during the Clinton years but I followed the instructions to not touch the president (for real, that was on the intern rules memo).

8️⃣ I have a freakishly high capacity to get things done but I am constantly working on slowing down and being less task focused.

9️⃣ I want to take my Mom to Korea but am intimidated by the prospect of doing so.

🔟 I used to be so insecure about how I looked + what I wore so now I love experimenting with and celebrating style that makes you feel good NOW.