Explore 2019: To Run or Not to Run

Running has been on my mind a lot lately so -- given Monday's Boston Marathon -- I'm throwing it back to a photo from my first half marathon: the BAA half in 2013.

My peak in running was in 2015, when I ran Boston’s Run to Remember -- I was happy, comfortable, and ran the whole thing without stopping. At that time, running was seriously meditative for me.

But since then I have struggled. I'm not sure what happened. I have made a few attempts to get back into it but it has just not felt comfortable. I have had some disastrous races. And sometimes it's just felt totally painful.

So I'm pondering. Do I keep trying, perhaps with more of a steady plan in place? Am I starting up then giving up too soon? Do I just let go of running given the joy I have found in other physical activities like tennis? Would love to hear thoughts from those of you have gotten into running ruts!