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Explore 2019: Evolving Physicality + Radical Intentional Self-Care Time

Do you identify as athletic? I never did sports as a just didn't seem like an option to me since I was deeply wed to music and theatre, and I don't know...I just never felt particularly athletic.

It wasn't until grad school that I discovered I could move. I started step classes and weight training and actually enjoyed it. Someone coerced me into playing grad league soccer and it turned out I had a knack for the game. I even took several dance classes that culminated in a rather hilarious recital.

I no longer do any of those things but over the last decade I have evolved into someone who runs, and now someone who delights in skiing and playing tennis. It's awesome how physicality can evolve!

A while back my dear friend Morra invited me to do a women's tennis camp with her at the Mount Auburn Club and I was both excited yet panicked (I pretty much always worry about being the weak link...I blame it on elementary school gym class!). But I decided to be brave and also super radical and intentional with self-care and passed over the weekend camp dates to select a weekday camp date. I give everything I have to my projects and clients AND there is something really fabulous about turning off the work availability faucet for 3 intentional hours. HOORAY FOR GROWNUP CAMP! It was awesome and I feel incredibly restored (and sore). Oh, and I opted for the blue/gold New Balance dress y'all loved. I felt super legit!