Explore 2019: Internet authenticity

Do you feel like you are your authentic self online? There's been a lot of talk in my circles about authenticity and a ton of frustration about pressure to be something you're not. I love a pretty picture but as someone who still believes in storytelling and the importance of being real in sharing the good, bad, and ugly, it truly bums me out that things have evolved in such a way that platforms that should help us feel closer make so many people feel distant and disgruntled.

How about we take back the Internet collectively? I encourage you to just DO YOU. Share what lights you up and makes you happy as well as what is driving you bat shit crazy. Don't worry about strategy and perfection. Be the boss of your social media instead of letting it be the boss of you.

This photo is a pretty solid representation of who I am: I love getting pretty and being in lovely settings, but ultimately, I'm a silly, ridiculous human being. This shot was at the beautiful Bistro By The Sea during our long weekend in Rhode Island. It had the most gorgeous covered walkway and Laurel offered to take my picture. I believe right before she snapped this, I said something like, "Hold up, lemme do an awesome Instagram influencer pose!"

So folks, what you see is what you get. I still maintain some boundaries, because listen, I had to deal with an aggressive stalker for over a decade so old habits die hard + my husband is a therapist so we have some rules about posting around the kids but otherwise, I am who I am...good, bad, and ugly...as we all are.