Explore 2019: Baking nostalgia

I know it's a massive privilege to live in a home with central AC. This was not something on our wish list when we were first looking for a home, but man, given that we are a family that loves baking, it is SO HANDY during the summer!

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today because Laurel really wanted to make bread and she ended up thumbing through my cookbooks and making this divine focaccia by Nick Malgieri. When I was working on my dissertation remotely in Maryland my main source of procrastination was learning to bake bread, and that is the time at which I discovered this focaccia recipe and made it A LOT. Also, let me explain: I did my PhD in Canada but Jon started grad school in Maryland around the time I finished all of my requirements except for writing the dissertation, so after some fierce negotiation I moved with him and "commuted" back to Canada to work with my adviser every 6-8 weeks. It meant that I was alone at home A LOT and writing a dissertation full-time is a little crazy making. So I learned to make a lot of bread!

Anyway, Laurel made the caramelized onion version and it is just as delicious as I remember it and how crazy is it that she has learned to do something at age 14 that I learned to do when I was 28?! I shouldn't be surprised by anything anymore!